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Food Packaging
Cast Polypropylene Film (CPP) is a non-stretched film produced by the T-die co-extrusion process with polypropylene as the main raw material. The tasteless, odorless, and non-toxic film is widely used in food packaging for its hygienic properties, excellent thickness uniformity, high transparency, and heat adhesion characteristics.

Characteristics of food packaging film

Processability: The lightweight and excellent strength are not restricted to the post-process.

Economic efficiency: The film offers a low price per unit and weight and features excellent heat sealing.

Wide applicability: The film has various uses and can be functionalized with Al deposition.

It is dry laminated with OPP, nylon, and PET film to improve heat adhesion and gas blocking for food packaging.

Its heat resistance is higher than that of PE.

Product Type and Use

  • ICF general(transparent film)

    ICF general(transparent film)

    20, 25, 30, 40, 50, and 60 Packaging of instant noodles, candy, seaweed, bread, nuts, fruits, and dried fish

    TOP film used as a sealant film of food packing material for its high transparency, high slip, excellent heat adhesion

    Property Table

  • ICF-NS(low-slip film)

    ICF-NS(low-slip film)

    20, 30 Packaging material for seaweed, wallet-like packaging for tissues, and packaging sheet for household goods

    High transparency and low-slip film material customized for customer workability

    Property Table

  • ICF-LH(low-temperature film)

    ICF-LH(low-temperature film)

    20 Packaging material for seaweed and high-speed packaging

    High-transparency, high-slip, and low-temperature heat adhesion properties supported by high-speed packaging machines.

    Property Table

  • CPR (Retort)film

    ICF-R (Retort)film

    60, 70, 80 TOP film, packaging of dry fish, and pouches (herbal medicine, fruit juice, etc.)

    Excellent shock resistance and heat adhesion strength with no endocrine obstacle make it ideal for retort pouches.

    Property Table

  • ICF-VM(Deposition film)

    ICF-VM(Deposition film)

    20, 25, 30 Packaging material for instant noodles and confectionery

    The aluminum-deposited, glossy, and blocking film is ideal for products that require blocking of moisture and gas.

    Property Table

  • ICF-W(White film)

    ICF-W(White film)

    20 Packaging of ice confectionery

    This white film with excellent hiding and heat-adhesive strength is used for packaging materials of ice confectionery and wet tissues.

    Property Table